Teeth Whitening Anyone?

Hey ladies,

Okay so I have given in on the teeth whitening trend. I want to go ahead and try it out. Who doesn’t want white teeth right? I’ve ran across 2 companies on Instagram that have me interested. Leave in the comments below your thoughts on teeth whitening or any you have tried before.


Cocowhite 100% natural health products company that has a desire to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Cocowhite products originated on the well-known practice called Oil Pulling. This method provides a 100% natural alternative to the chemical fuelled teeth whitening craze.

What I like about Cocowhite is that they come in 3 different flavors mint, lemon, and vanilla. You can also buy them as a monthly subscription of 14 sachets. Subscribe to save 10% & receive your Cocowhite automatically delivered to your door every 30 days! You can modify or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Subscription box -$27.98 or  $30.09 for a 2 week set


product image-270x360Doll White claims to help you achieve the perfect set of pearly whites. They supply you with Doll White strips, which are easy to use, and with our non-peroxide formula you will be on your way to whiter, brighter teeth within 14 days with no irritation or sensitivity. Helps remove stains and unnatural marks from your pearly whites.

What I like about Doll White Strips is that they guarantee that you’ll have brighter and whiter teeth in 14 days for $28.59 or you could try the 7 day whitening for $19.55. The only deal breaker I have with Doll White is that shipping $15.05. Womp womp!!!

-Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time!


Girl Talk. Tips/Tricks to Always Looking Your Best!

Hey ladies,

So I wanted to do a little Girl Talk with you ladies. I would like to share with you all a few of my tips/tricks to always looking your best, and most importantly feeling your best. We all know how we can get so rushed in the morning or afternoon getting ready for work, school, etc. Or your trying to save money or don’t have any, but you REALLY want a new outfit to look your best. Here is a few tip and tricks to looking your best without all the extra prepping and extra money.

I feel that you your outfit can look so much more put together if you have on a nice looking blazer, jacket or coat. If you can’t afford a new fancy outfit try getting one of these 3 items. My personal favv at the moment are blazers. Girl…. You can never go wrong with a blazer!


chilly-chili95Lip stick and Lip liner

Lip stick and lip liners can transform your whole look. If you not a big fan of either of the two… Your probably not using the right ones. A lip liner can save your whole life. Literally! Personally my lips are not as plump. So adding some lip liner helps me manipulate the size and the shape of my lips, making them fuller and plump at the same time. I usually line my lips with Jordana lip liner. Jordana cosmetics can be found at Walgreens. When I’m wearing a lip stick I like to keep it all the way MATTE. I like to make sure my lip stick isn’t going anywhere. We’re on a budget here so I’m definitely recommending ColourPop Ultra Matte Lippies their only $6. They come in a variety of shades. They have your staple classic nudes to your bold and beautiful colors. ColourPop is amazing. Don’t sleep on them!

Don’t have time to do anything to your hair or just feeling lazy and don’t want to spend all that time flat ironing and curling. Ladies invest in a Fedora. They are super trendy and very much in style this fall. I bought mine from Marshall’s for $12. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. Their is no reason why you shouldn’t own at least one.


kate-mascara_productdownloadWhen I don’t have time or when I don’t want to have on a full face of makeup, but still want to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed. I’ll put on Mascara and fill in my brows. I feel like this combo alone really brings out your eyes and makes your face just pop! The mascara I use is amazing. It really gives a voluminous lift to enhance the dramatic lash look.
– Lashes are plumped and lifted in one clean stroke. No clumps! So for my brows I use Makeup Forever brow gel when I’m wanting a more dramatic brow. If I’m wanting a more natural looking brow I’ll 3595-Brow-Trio-Web use my Essential Brow Trio. I received it in a Boxy Charm box and I love it!

Most days I just like to keep it simple, but still look and feel my best. You don’t need to have on a full face of makeup to still look your best.
“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
Gwyneth Paltrow

Anastasia Beverly Hills, L’Oréal, & Maybelline & More


Good afternoon ladies,

So I wanted to show you ladies a few items I have recently picked up. I bought my first EVER Anastasia Beverly Hills product from Macy’s. I’m so excited about trying out this brand out. I know I’m extremely late when it comes to using this brand, but Macy’s was having a sale that I couldn’t pass up! I see everybody raving over their products so I’m sure I wont be disappointed. Please comment below your favorite products from Anastasia so I can check them out. I also purchased a few new foundations from CVS & Target. See what products I have added to my everyday makeup collection. Details down below. Continue reading


DSC03920It’s that time of the month again ladies. I’m talking about BoxyCharm. I always look forward to this beauty subscription box every month. I’m definitely still in love with my boxes I get every month. I love getting to try out new beauty products that I haven’t heard of before. If your not familiar with BoxyCharm, it’s a beauty subscription box. All boxes will come with 4 to 5 Full-Size items. Plus free shipping. This months August box retails for $100+ and the subscription box is only $21. Don’t you think that’s a pretty SWEET deal? Want to expand your make-up collection? Sign up today for your BoxyCharm. Interested in what came in this months box? Details will be down below of course.  Continue reading

Wish List Wednesday

download (21)Hey ladies,

So it’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted on here. But, yes I’m finally BACK . Obviously you can tell by the title what this post is about. It’s Wednesday so I just wanted to show you all a couple of items that are on my wish list this week. I actually bought a few items today that I can’t wait to try. Comment below if you have tried any of these products before. Or comment some of your wish list items so I can check them out. Continue reading

Girl Talk 101. Save The Undies!

Good morning ladies,

untitledSo this Friday I’m bring the real! If I can’t be real with you all, who can I be real with? Today I’m talking about Saving The Undies. Saving the undies is all about saving your precious undies while on your cycle. I know I’m not the only one who has a favorite pair of undies. Well, I don’t know about you but I hate having to throw my favorite VS undies out due to a monthly visit from Mother Nature. So knowing your period cycle is very important when it comes to saving your undies. If your cycle isn’t set yet, knowing what time of the month it generally comes (beginning, middle, and or end) will help. If you’re a tampon wearer like I am, and you’re concerned about getting those unwanted leaks/stains on your underwear on heavy days of your period, you may want to consider wearing a panty liners to help keep you stain free and feeling fresh all day.  That’s what saving the undies is all about. Start saving your undies with U by Kotex. So if you want to join in on the movement on Saving the Undies stop by https://www.ubykotex.com now to get your free sample. So you can be a step closer to saving your undies! U by Kotex is actually the only brand I use. They have everything you need. Pads, tampons, liners, and wipes that are flushable. I love the colors and designs of the packaging for Kotex. The liners are my all time favorite. Especially the thong liner, which is a life saver or should I say a thong saver?


FYI: If your period catches you by surprise and you get a stain on your favorite undies, remember that COLD water and salt works best for getting out blood stains. Then wash with detergent.Save the Undies

DSC03513Give your undies
a fighting chance

Your undies have rights, too! See how you can team up with U by Kotex® to help stop senseless leaks and Save the Undies. Get your FREE sample today! https://www.ubykotex.com/logokotex


imageHey Ladies,

When it comes to high heels, I have nothing but LOVE for them. Nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels right? Heels make your body look slimmer and your legs look longer. But, can you imagine what walking a couple blocks in your stilettos would feel like? It would feel like straight torture to me. I love wearing heels, but I most definitely have a back up pair of flats, sandals, or house shoes not too far away. Can anyone agree? Unfortunately, it hurts to wear our gorgeous 6inch + heels for a long period of time. But, I have a solution for you ladies. I was sent an awesome product to try out called Sole Serum. Sole Serum is to help get rid of that unwanted pain our lovely shoes bring. I’m sure you all are wondering does it work? Details will be down below. Continue reading

Jellin? Like A Felon

MISSGUIDED0117_FHey ladies,

Today is Thursday so that means it’s “Throw Back Thursday” and I’m taking it all the way back. The ’90s styles are definitely making a comeback nowadays.  Remember those old jelly shoes? The sandles you probably wore back in elementary school. Now back in style with a sleek update. Jelly sandals have an open toe box and feature a vertical strap with horizontal straps for a caged effect. Finished with a ridged sole and an adjustable ankle buckle. These shoes can be rocked everywhere from beach parties to weekend BBQs. These shoes can complete the right outfit for the right occasion. All jelly shoes I found on Missguided US website. Would you rock a pair of jellys? Comment below your thoughts.

Continue reading

Bold & Beautiful With BoxyCharm❤️


Hey ladies,

When it comes to beauty box subscription their are so many to choose from. But which box is the best one? I’m my opinion BoxyCham is the best box when it come to subscriptions boxes. Instead of receiving sample size products in your box each month, you get ALL full size products which is awesome. Your definitely getting your money’s worth with BoxyCharm. This months box is filled with some amazing products that I can’t wait to try. All boxes will come with 4 to 5 Full-Size items. Plus free shipping. This months May box retails for $98 and the subscription box is only $21. So you’re getting an amazing deal for a great price when it comes to BoxyCharm. Sign up today for your BoxyCharm. Interested in what came in this months box? Details will be down below. Continue reading